Staffing Agencies: Two Job-Hunters are Better than One

Posted by The Editors on January 25, 2012
Staffing Agencies: Two Job-Hunters are Better than One

Of all the ways to find a job—job boards, networking, company websites—we don’t hear much about staffing agencies. Simply put, the agency serves as a “middleman” between you and potential employers. Upon submitting your resume to an agency, you’ll then be considered when the agency is tasked with filling a vacant role within a client employer.

While staffing agencies may bring to mind temporary clerical gigs or confidential executive postings, recent grads and those early in their career can take advantage, too.

There are a number of staffing giants, but here are a few targeted agencies to check out:

Specializes in placing Gen Y’ers in jobs.

Creative Circle
Specializes in placing creative types.

Couture Staff
Specializes in placing candidates in luxury brand careers.

OSREC (Overseas Recruitment Association)
Specializes in placing candidates overseas.

Happy hunting!

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