Out Of the Ordinary Jobs for Millennials

Posted by The Editors on February 27, 2012
Out Of the Ordinary Jobs for Millennials

As Millennials are becoming known as the “start-up” generation, dubbed by many news outlets as born entrepreneurs, it’s no surprise they are paving their own way in terms of out-of-the-box jobs in a tough market.

After a brief search on my LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, I tallied that eight of my friends and 20 of my LinkedIn connections have either started their own business, are working at a start-up, or have jobs that go beyond the normal entry-level gigs. (My network contains a pet food tester, voice-over specialist, and mixologist—because it sounds better than “bartender.”)

Picking up on this trend, the Daily Beast wrote an article highlighting 11 New Jobs for the Unemployed Millennial that I had to share. First, it’s a great example of how this young age group is stretching the bounds of what most people consider a job, and second, I thought some of these jobs were downright fabulous and funny.

For the whole list, check out the article, but here are just a few of my favorites:

Tang Tester
According to the article, “NASA has put out a want ad for foodies who are willing to take part in a four-month experiment to test the gustatory merits of food astronauts may eat on a voyage to Mars.” Sorry, space cadets, you won’t be journeying to the Red Planet anytime soon, but the experiment is scheduled to take place in Hawaiian lava flow and participants are required to wear spacesuits while prepping food.

Fortune Cookie Writer
We’ve all been there. You crack open a fortune cookie and all you get is, “Today is a disastrous day. Prepare wisely.” Unfortunately, these writing jobs don’t open up too often, but if you have a way with words and think you could write destiny better than fashion magazine horoscopes, harness that power and make someone’s day!

Stand-In Bridesmaid
Are you a lucky lady that’s always a bridesmaid and always broke?  You could be making money while donning that ugly hot pink taffeta frock. There are bridesmaid listings racking up on jobsites like Craigslist, and money can be made if you play the part and pretend to know the bride. According to the article, a few requirements are crucial before you prep for yet another walk down the aisle. “A stand-in bridesmaid is generally personable and can play the part. She is also easy on the eyes for guests seeking a little distraction during a long, sometimes boring ceremony. But by no means is she prettier than the bride. Drama-free struggling thespians may apply.”

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