Interview Hazing: Don't get fazed.

Posted by The Editors on July 7, 2011
Interview Hazing:  Don't get fazed.

As a recent college grad, I can attest to the fact that the competition is fierce.  Recruiters are dealing with a wide range of applicants, forcing them to find new ways to weed out the great from the good. It’s a shame colleges don’t prep seniors with a class called Interviewing 101: Great answers to ridiculous questions. I would have paid extra to take that class!

Okay, so maybe there is no such thing as “hazing” during the interview process, but sometimes getting grilled with absurd questions can feel like you’re back in Greek life. Interviewers today are getting crafty with their questions but it’s important to understand there is some purpose behind them. And the way you respond can say a lot about the kind of employee you’ll be. 

Imagine an interviewer asking you to sell him a pencil, or choose the fruit that best represents you. Sure, you have plenty of juicy goodness to pick from but it’s explaining your answer that is the tricky part. Do you consider yourself a team player who likes to work around people? If so, a grape would be a suitable answer. Are you more of an independent thinker who carefully peels back the layers before going with an idea?  Great! Maybe you’re a banana. 

Recruiters assume that the good candidates will do their research but the great candidates are able to do the research and think on their feet. This is enough to make any unsuspecting interviewee anxious, but don’t sweat through your neatly pressed suit just yet.

You may never have all the right answers, but the trick is not knowing the questions beforehand; it’s knowing yourself. Once you have a firm grasp of who you are in the workplace, those tough questions won’t feel so mind-blowing. 

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