Hey WetFeet Visitors, What's your Story?

Posted by The Editors on July 5, 2011

During last week’s first planning meeting for the new WetFeet e-newsletter, I suggested the team start with two documents: one describing the vision for the e-newsletter and another one with a list of characters representing each of its main user groups.  We call them “personas” — fake people with names and photos and daily routines and quirks and interests and needs — and there’s probably one intended to embody you.

As critical as a solid vision is to the project’s success, I’ve got to say it’s working with the WetFeet personas that I love most when it comes to planning. Sure, some of that love comes from the fact that it allows me, a writer-turned-website manager, to create somewhat elaborate stories about characters (backed by tests and research, of course). But I also love it because our personas represent real people with crazy schedules, big dreams, lots of questions, and a mix of confusion, excitement, and anxiety when it comes to career planning and the job search. It’s my ability to help these people with their careers that makes this job so rewarding.

Considering our users’ perspectives when creating new features and content ensures that we never forget who we’re making our products for.

Meet Sarah, a senior marketing major at University of Iowa. Sarah typically wakes up to the alarm 25 minutes before her 9:10 am 300-level Integrated Marketing class and spends just about every day doing all or most of the following: going to class, studying, writing papers, getting on the elliptical, working a few hours at a restaurant downtown, partying, and Facebooking people she met the previous weekend. She typically surfs the web in the Student Center between classes and at night, with Facebook is always up on one Firefox tab.

Sarah’s not exactly sure what company she wants to work for or whether she’d consider relocating from the East Coast. All she knows is that she’ll have to look in New York City and wants to make a good salary. She sees the process of applying for jobs as a necessary evil.

If our website isn’t easy to navigate and packed with the advice Sarah needs—or John, our 35-year-old career changer needs—then we’re not realizing our vision for WetFeet.

Here’s the catch: We can run all the tests in the world, but we still need to hear directly from you. The more we know about you and what you think, the easier it is for us to develop useful new features and functionalities, from “You Might Also Like” Insider Guide suggestions to an e-newsletter tailored to your interests and needs.

As you browse the site, don’t hesitate to make comments, suggest topics, submit your ideas and feedback, and tell us and other users your story. The more we know, the more we can do to help you write a killer resume, ace your interview, and set and reach all of your other career goals.

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