Five Components of a Great Networking Card

Posted by The Editors on July 21, 2011
Five Components of a Great Networking Card

So you’ve mastered the behavioral interview and started reeling in recruiters on LinkedIn, but something is still missing in your foolproof plan to obtain full-time employment. A networking card, much like a business card (sans job title), is a great tool to carry with you for when you meet prospective employers, networkers, friends, or anyone else interested in your future career. Here are five elements of an effective networking card:

Use the same name featured on your LinkedIn profile just in case a cardholder takes a quick glance and immediately type your name into a search engine. (If you have a fairly common name, using a middle initial makes it easier to find you.) 

As a student or unemployed recent grad, your tagline should include three to five words about your skills, interests, and what you can offer employers. Think of it as a mini elevator pitch.

Contact Information
This includes your cell phone number, email address, and city/state of residence. Make sure your email address is work appropriate. Keep it simple. If you haven’t already, I suggest creating a Gmail account using some variation of your first and last name.

If you have an online portfolio, blog, website, or Twitter account, provide links.  But only link to those that you update on a regular basis or that you wouldn’t be embarrassed about having a potential employer see. If your Twitter feed contains 140 characters about last night’s awesome beer pong streak, I’d think again before sharing that link. (I’d also remove it all together and start being a little more conscientious about what you’re sharing with who.)

QR (Quick Response) Code
A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that’s easily scanned using any modern mobile phone. I haven’t seen many on networking cards yet but the trend is catching on. For the more tech-savvy grad, this is a great resource to take advantage of and set you apart from the crowd.

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