Find Your Career Mentor

Posted by The Editors on October 27, 2011
Find Your Career Mentor

Today I came across an interesting LinkedIn infographic (see below) about women and mentoring in the U.S. There’s no doubt in my mind that finding a mentor is a great asset to a budding career, so college students should make sure to be on the lookout. I can tell you from my own experience that by having a mentor, I not only learned a great deal of industry specifics that increased my knowledge base, but I also found a great friend in the process.

The following statistics show that 34 percent of baby boomers were mentored by women. Fortunately for Gen Y, the mentor trend is on the rise, with 51 percent of the millennial generation being mentored by women. Simply stated, these days there are far more female mentors in the workforce ready to lend you and your career a helping hand.

The benefits of finding someone who can teach you about your chosen career field are far-reaching. You can even look to history and pop culture to prove it: Plato had Socrates and Justin Bieber has Usher. 

If you’re having doubts or wondering how you can find a mentor, check out this article, which provides tips and suggestions on how you can find yours.

Women and mentoring in the U.S.

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