Career Fair Do's and Don'ts

Posted by Dave Allen on June 15, 2011
Career Fair Do's and Don'ts

Good preparation before a career fair can go a long way toward getting more out of one, but it isn't likely to get you a job. Out of 100 points, the career fair might count for the first five, and the rest comes from interviews and a host of other variables. However, every job seeker needs to begin somewhere, and the first five points can often be the hardest to earn. If you really get excited about a specific company or job, then you should be absolutely sure to follow up on whatever gains you've made at the career fair. Communicate your interest and your willingness to keep learning. Be mature about it, be smart about it, and be confident. Good luck!


  • Do know what you want to get out of the career fair-and remember, it's not a job, at least initially.
  • Do select several companies you'd like to talk to before you go to the fair.
  • Do read all the magazine, newspaper, and online articles and research you can find about the companies that interest you.
  • Do practice a 30-second to 60-second pitch that introduces you and explains your interest in a particular company.
  • Do wait your turn in line and take notes.
  • Do learn more about the firm's recruiting process.
  • Do ask recruiters the best way to follow up.


  • Don't just drop your resume off and walk away. Learn what the company is looking for.
  • Don't ask for a job if you don't know anything about the company.
  • Don't ask, "Do you have any jobs?"
  • Don't monopolize the recruiter's time.
  • Don't assume you made such a great impression that you're a shoo-in for an interview. Follow up.
  • Don't be afraid to ask what role the career fair plays in recruiting for the company.
  • Don't overdress, but err on the side of resembling a professional and less casual hipster.

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