Career Benefits of Going Abroad

Posted by The Editors on August 8, 2012
Career Benefits of Going Abroad
With the economy fluctuating across the globe, some recent grads are panicking due to their inability to find work. Others might be craving a break from the daily grind or seriously reconsidering the career paths they’ve chosen. Taking a break between college and a career, whether voluntary or not, isn’t a bad option. But what you do during that break could affect your future.

Traveling is one opportunity that is more appealing than moving in with your mom and dad. Working abroad or teaching abroad will allow you to live in another country without digging yourself into deeper debt. Volunteering or interning abroad are two more meaningful travel options if income isn’t vital. By going overseas, you can have an amazing adventure while gaining essential skills that will help you in your future job hunt.

Here are five requirements many hiring managers include in job postings that you can acquire by traveling abroad:

Communicates Effectively
No matter your career path, most employers look for candidates who are able to communicate clearly. Taking the time to travel abroad will give you the opportunity to perfect your communication skills. Giving a presentation or speaking with clients will be a breeze after spending months expressing yourself to people who speak a different language. You’ll broaden your communication spectrum by learning to get creative when phrasing sentences and by picking up a foreign language.

Shows Initiative
Hiring teams look for employees who are self-starters. Seeing that a candidate spent time working abroad shows initiative. Going through the necessary steps to teach or intern abroad instead of waiting for a better job market in the U.S. tells employers that you are a take-charge type of person. Hiring managers will also see that you aren’t afraid to get out of your comfort zone and face new challenges.

Employers are searching for candidates who have an eye for detail. Going abroad will give you the upper-hand in taking note of the finer components in your work. Traveling overseas requires you to pay close attention to a great deal of information, from successfully navigating yourself through a foreign city to figuring out the safest places to keep your passport and money.

Across all fields, understanding group dynamics is something that employers value in their employees. Volunteering abroad is a great way to build upon this skill. Depending on the program, you could be working closely with a group of people from a variety of countries. Working abroad or interning abroad can provide you with similar experiences. Need leadership skills? Be impressive in your interviews by talking about the time you taught a class overseas.

Many companies, especially international ones, want employees who can think on a global scale. Going abroad will open your mind to how people from other countries perceive the world. You will be able to sell a product or service from a completely different perspective. Hiring managers see people who have traveled to different countries as open-minded and able to think outside of the box.

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